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Luc S. Cousineau, PhD

I received my PhD in Health from at the University of Waterloo. My research focuses on men and masculinity in men’s and men’s rights spaces online, including social media platforms like Reddit. I mainly explore men’s rights and red pill communities, but I have also written on pickup artists, incels, and masculinity more broadly. I specialize in qualitative approaches to research online, including digital ethnographic methods, and I am interested in creative pedagogies.


My current work looks at men’s rights and red pill communities on Reddit, and discusses the discourses of masculinity in these spaces, how they are disseminated and disciplined, and how masculinity is actualized  to promote recruitment and membership in these groups. How these groups can be seen as far and alt-right, and what they contribute to the establishment and perpetuation of those ideologies is also an important thread.

I am also writing broadly on the ontology of digital leisure, gender and diversity in leisure studies, and the ethical considerations of platform moderation of communities.

Luc Cousineau

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